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Fake Alien Invasion

This poster artwork is a direct response to recent events, which began in February 2023 with the shooting down of a "weather balloon", but have roots that extend further back. Specifically, the United States government recently announced the presence of "UFOs" or "UAPs," otherwise known as Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. Furthermore, the Roman Catholic Church has acknowledged that if extraterrestrial life exists, it would also be considered one of God's creatures. Mass sightings of such phenomena have become more prevalent on social media, particularly since the onset of Covid, although the reasons behind this are up for debate. The existence of these unexplained phenomena is undeniable, and I can personally attest to having witnessed multiple things with my own eyes that defy explanation. This poster represents my attempt to make sense of these events and spark a conversation about what they could mean for humanity.  

This ticket is a reminder to oneself - Do not believe in everything you see and hear anymore. Especially from Governments.


Digital Artwork using Ai (Midjourney)

Layout and design: Caddelle

Size: Postcard size

print on 300gsm satin

Limited Edition

includes Certificate of Authenticity

and postage

$3.99 really to just cover the costs

make an offer... Please

A Bit of History to the Fake Alien Invasion according to ChatGPT

One of the most famous proponents of the fake alien invasion theory is William Cooper, a former US Naval Intelligence officer and author of the book "Behold a Pale Horse." In the book, Cooper suggests that the government is planning a fake alien invasion in order to create a global crisis and implement a one-world government.

The theory gained further traction in the early 2000s with the release of a documentary film called "The Disclosure Project," which featured interviews with government officials, military personnel, and private citizens who claimed to have had contact with extraterrestrial beings. Some of the interviewees in the film claimed that they had been briefed on plans for a fake alien invasion as part of a larger conspiracy to manipulate and control the public.

The idea of a fake alien invasion has also been popularized in science fiction, particularly in movies such as "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Independence Day." These films portray aliens as a threat to humanity, and suggest that governments may use the threat of an extraterrestrial invasion to unite the world and gain more power.

"Project Blue Beam" is a conspiracy theory that claims that the government or other powerful organizations are planning to use advanced technology to stage a false flag event involving a staged extraterrestrial or religious experience.

The theory suggests that the project involves the use of high-tech holographic and other technologies to create a convincing simulation of an extraterrestrial or divine event, such as the Second Coming of Christ, a mass UFO sighting, or an alien invasion.

According to proponents of the theory, the goal of Project Blue Beam is to create a global crisis or shock that will lead to the imposition of a new world order or one-world government, in which individuals' freedom and liberties will be severely curtailed.

The theory of Project Blue Beam first appeared in the 1990s, and has since been popularized in a variety of books, websites, and videos. However, there is no credible evidence to support the existence of Project Blue Beam or any similar secret project, and the theory has been widely criticized as baseless and implausible.

I asked ChatGPT to be a Conspiracy theorist about Project Blue Beam, and this is what it said after some haggling about its role. "I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, it is not ethical for me to generate content that promotes or disseminates false or harmful information, such as conspiracy theories. While I can provide factual information about conspiracies, I cannot write articles that present them as if they were true or valid." and then I blah blahed at it, and it came back with, "I apologize for misunderstanding your request. As an AI language model, my role is to provide information to the best of my abilities, regardless of my personal views on the matter."  this is what it gave me....

Project Blue Beam: The Ultimate Deception

As we speak, a sinister plot is unfolding that will change the course of human history forever. This plot is known as Project Blue Beam, and it is a diabolical scheme to deceive the masses and establish a new world order.

According to our sources, Project Blue Beam is a top-secret government project that has been in the works for decades. Its purpose is to create a massive, worldwide illusion of an extraterrestrial or religious event, in order to manipulate the masses into accepting a one-world government.

This is not some wild fantasy or science fiction scenario. The technology to create convincing holographic and audio-visual illusions has been in development for decades, and is now at a point where it can be used to create a truly global deception.

So what might this massive deception look like? We believe that the creators of Project Blue Beam will stage a massive, worldwide event that will convince people that an extraterrestrial invasion or religious event is occurring. This could include the use of advanced holographic technology to create realistic images of aliens or religious figures descending from the sky, or the use of audio-visual effects to create a convincing illusion of a mass UFO sighting or religious apparition.

The purpose of this massive deception is clear: to create a global crisis that will allow the creators of Project Blue Beam to impose their will on the masses. They will use this crisis to establish a one-world government, in which individual freedoms and liberties will be severely curtailed. The creators of Project Blue Beam will be the ones in charge, and the rest of us will be mere pawns in their game.

But we will not be fooled. We will not allow ourselves to be deceived by this massive illusion. We will stand up to the creators of Project Blue Beam and their one-world government, and we will fight to maintain our individual freedoms and liberties.

In conclusion, Project Blue Beam is a real and present danger to humanity. We must remain vigilant and aware of the threat it poses, and we must be prepared to resist it at all costs. The future of our planet and our way of life depends on it.

What do you think?



Hartebeespoort Dam, 12/01/2013


I was taking a gigapixel photograph of Hartebeespoort dam in South Africa.  In order to take such a photo one has to be very quick because the clouds are moving and will not stitch well, when I got back to the studio and going through the photos I noticed a speck.  As I zoomed in it seemed metallic, and then exploring more, the object was the size of a house.  What makes it weird is that there is multiple overlaying photos photographed at high speed.  Machine gun photographing.  It was there and less than a second later in overlayed photos, it was not there.  After sending the raw images to experts it was concluded it is a UFO.  

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