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The Digital Garden

LIDAR  ( Light Detection and Ranging) is essentially 3D Scanning using light.  The outcome is almost a 3D photograph where Caddelle takes various 3D scans and puts them into a 3D program and makes these virtual spaces.  Then once within the 3D space then Caddelle takes digital photographs which then are digitally printed.

The bridge between the real and unreal

Lidar Photography - 2021

3D Digital Collage Lidar Photograph 

Archival Pigment Print on Cotton Canvas

Edition of 1/50

60cm x 60cm 23.6" x 26.6"   (72cm x 72cm with bleed)  

100cm x 100cm 39" x 39"    (112cm x 112cm with bleed)  

140cm x 140cm,  55" x 55"  (152cm x 152cm with bleed)  

Code: LAF008