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The ice becomes my canvas, watercolors my voice, and climate change my muse. Witness the magic unfold in this artistic metamorphosis.

I am in the process of crafting a captivating collection of abstract watercolors, artfully inspired by the pressing issue of our time - the climate emergency. In this series, I embark on a transformative journey, utilizing a distinctive technique that encapsulates the essence of climate change and global warming.

My artistic process is deceptively simple, yet time-consuming. I begin by creating ice layers, meticulously pouring water into a tray, and patiently awaiting the crystalline freeze. Then, I introduce watercolor paint pigments atop these frozen canvases, layer upon layer, until a captivating fusion of ice and paint emerges. The pinnacle of this artistic alchemy transpires as I delicately place the ice block on a canvas of watercolor paper, allowing it to melt at its own pace. In this delicate dance between Sun, water, and pigment, a mesmerizing tapestry of colors and forms unfolds unpredictably. This intricate metamorphosis, a four-hour manifestation, demands the utmost care to avoid disruption. The resulting works are a testament to the fleeting beauty of our natural world. They evoke a sense of fragile magnificence through subtle transitions, while simultaneously echoing the urgency of the climate emergency.

Simultaneously, they serve as a poignant metaphor, where the rapid unfolding of the melting process, captured in my time-lapse video art, mirrors the urgency of the climate emergency unfolding before our eyes.

It is my hope that these artworks resonate deeply with discerning audiences and inspire contemplation about our shared responsibility in confronting climate change.

I'm currently seeking representation for this body of work. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.

Limited Edition Prints on Cotton Rag.

Video Projections.

From Ice to Art: A Live Climate Art Experience

If you would like to host a live outdoor event please DM

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