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Stop your sh*t and come together.

We are tired of all these conflicts around the world.

Title: F..k You, Victory, Peace,

Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 2.5m x 1.25m

My painting is a meditation on the complex relationship between these three concepts. The two fingers raised in the air can be used to express defiance, triumph, or solidarity. Depending on the context, they can be a vulgar insult, a symbol of victory, or a gesture of peace. This painting represents an exploration of the profound complexity inherent in human expression and emotion. It all begins with the bold, two-fingered gesture, which is often used as a vulgar affront. It signifies defiance, a rebellious assertion of individuality, and a refusal to be silenced.

Yet, it's here that the juxtaposition begins. Right alongside this defiance, we find Winston Churchill's iconic V for Victory, a symbol that has resonated through history as a beacon of hope and unity. It speaks to the indomitable spirit of humanity, our ability to rally against adversity, and the triumph of collective strength. (Also used for the Alien invasion television show "V" )

And then, nestled amidst these contrasting elements, there are two fingers extended in the universally recognized symbol of peace. Here, we encounter a delicate moment of vulnerability, a reminder that within the cacophony of conflict, there is always a whisper of reconciliation and tranquility.

In "F..k You, Victory, Peace," I invite viewers to question the narratives and interpretations that emerge from these gestures. How can symbols that seem so diametrically opposed coexist on the same canvas? What does it say about our shared human experience that we can express defiance, celebrate victory, and yearn for peace all at once?

Stop your sh*t and come together.

You are destroying lives and tearing families apart. You are creating a world of fear and uncertainty. You are making us all less safe.

I understand that there are reasons for fighting. But there is no reason that justifies the death and suffering of innocent people.

There is no reason that justifies the destruction of homes and communities. There is no reason that justifies the displacement of millions of people.

It is time to put down your weapons and talk. It is time to find a peaceful solution to your conflicts. It is time to come together and build a better future for all of us.

Remember, Violence only breeds more violence

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