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Vintage Cameras Brought to Life

I had been amassing a captivating array of vintage cameras over a considerable span, driven by the singular intention of capturing them through photography. These cameras boast exquisite contours and intricate mechanics, evoking a sensation akin to Steampunk aesthetics. However, it's essential to note that these cameras served as functional relics of history, preserving cherished memories of individuals.

My assortment encompasses a series of giclee prints featuring these antiquated vintage cameras. I'm pleased to offer these prints, allowing others to share in the beauty of my photographic endeavors.

The approach I employed is known as "Painting with Light." I harnessed the soft glow of a candle alongside the gentle illumination of a compact LED torch. By engaging in prolonged exposures, utilizing an aperture of F32, and manually holding the shutter open, I connected with the passage of time itself. This technique draws from my background as a bromide camera operator and enabled me to craft images suffused with pure light, untouched by digital manipulation.

This method yields a fascinating effect in the lens, creating a spectral interplay of light that lends an ethereal quality to the image. Worth noting is that these results are achieved without resorting to any post-processing in Photoshop or other editing software.

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