A New Perspective


Step into 3D Virtual worlds within the artworks. 

These artworks are based on LIDAR (light detection and ranging) / Photogrammetry method of photography

It is the measuring of distances by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the time of reflection the light takes to return to the

sensor and interpreting photographic images and patterns.

Water Droplets

Latest series of limited edition photographs of water droplets in the sunlight.


Binary & the unattainable.  A series of work exploring what is unattainable until now... 


The first in the series of NFT Artworks available on OpenSea and Rarible

NFT Crypto Art

by caddelle

Now you can Truly say you own nothing

NFT (non-fungible token) is the registration of ownership of a digital object, in this case, Digital Artworks. 

Available on OpenSea and Rariable

Buy digital art using Bitcoin or Ethereum.  Click here to view Caddelle's Crypto Digital Gallery on Opensea

Special times

Limited Edition with personalization.  Choose your own time to make it an original


Legends of Light

Series of Pop portraits.

We are light.  

TV Art Slideshow

Turn your TV into a piece of art. Perfect for background viewing for home or office decor.

Caddelle's Photographic Explorations

Painting with Light

Madagascar Trip

Wildlife Trips

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