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It is a synesthetic contemporary artwork where coloured blocks represent words.

‘We shall fight on the beaches’ Winston Churchill, House of Commons - 4 June 1940 Synesthetic Kaleidoscope of Words

Series: Great Speeches

Silkscreen,100cm x 140cm 



Exploration of the interplay between language and color. In this series, I have taken some of the greatest speeches and assigned unique CMYK color values to approximately 10,800 selected words, extending an invitation to viewers to experience language in a completely novel manner. As the possibility of reading in color is contemplated, the project opens up new dimensions of human vision, revealing its potential to perceive about a million different hues. This synesthetic journey offers a contemporary perspective on language, as words transcend their conventional forms and evolve into vibrant expressions of color, evoking a symphony of hues that surrounds the audience.

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