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First ever photo taken by Caddelle at age 4  - September 1971


Caddelle (b.1967 CC Faulkner, Johannesburg, South Africa)  

Lives in Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom


2024 Statement

As a traditional oil painter who has witnessed the evolution of art into the digital realm, I have a unique perspective on the integration of technology and artistic expression. My journey into an exploration of fine art printing, redefining what constitutes an "original" artwork in an age where precision digital tools allow for unprecedented manipulation and detail.

The transition to digital art was not without its struggles – skeptics questioned the authenticity and durability of this new media. Yet this very resistance strengthened my resolve to push boundaries and reshape perceptions of what art can be. Each rejection was a layer added to my understanding of art's fluidity across mediums.

Now, as artificial intelligence (AI) emerges in the creative industries, I find familiar echoes of those early battles for acceptance. The rise of AI image generation provokes profound questions about authorship, emotion, and the human connection in art. If art is the communication of ideas that resonates with the viewer, then perhaps AI extends the canvas rather than restricts it.

In this new frontier, I see AI not as a replacement but as a collaborative partner – a tool to augment and challenge traditional artistic practices. My approach is one of openness, learning from the machine as it learns from my prompts and curation. The real artistry may lie in crafting those inputs that guide the AI's output.

As I continue exploring this territory, I embrace the roles of both teacher and student. I am redefining my own boundaries while contributing to the wider dialogue around technology's place in creative expression. Art is an ever-changing journey, and I am committed to a life of creatively expressing fleeting moments and emotions, embracing new and innovative artistic tools as they emerge, but never abandoning the roots

"The world is rapidly changing
and the lines between what is real and what is digital
is going to blend into a single consciousness,
making a new reality into space and time." 2019




Transference of Humanities Consciousness

Collection of digital artworks

8K VR 360 - Virtual Exhibition -Youtube

r-Evolution to the Metaverse

VR 360 - Virtual Exhibition - Youtube

The Binary Portraits

Animated digital artworks

30 Second Exhibitions

series of Video Exhibitions

The Midas Collection.

NFT collection

That Gallery Basingstoke

  • Free as a Butterfly - Electric Ladies - Augmented Reality

  • One Love. Anaglyph Portraits

  • Meet the artists - Various artworks.



The Digital Garden

Lidar Photography & Mixed digital 2021

The Bridge between the real and unreal - VR

Hello world, anyone here - Short Film

A New Perspective

Lidar Photography & Mixed digital 2021

Equirectangular Digital Photography with virtual reality

Embracing the Metaverse

Digital Self portrait. - 360 VR artwork

The Digital Hippie

Lidar Photography & Deep Dream Generator by Google Ai - August 2021

Water Universe

Photographic Series


What's behind the Green Door - Mar-03-2021 09:54:25 AM +UTC

Nothing - Conceptual Art - Mar-26-2021



Earth Art

Oil painting with Earth process & Glaze on cotton canvas

Virtual Exhibition

London Time - The Lockdown

Series - Choices.


Virtual Exhibition

Photographic Series

Evacuation and Relocation

Photographic Series




Electric Ladies  -  London Ultra

Mixed Media with Augmented Reality, Holo projection

31 October 2019 - 10 November 2019

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London

Joy of Jazz  -  Creativate

All that Jazz 2  Augmented Reality,

26 - 28 September

Sandton Convention Centre



All Embracing, Sculpture  Steel Rod, Printed Glass, App, Augmented Reality, Street projection

30 August - 29 September

The Melrose Gallery, Melrose, Johannesburg

Creativate Digital Arts Festival - Standard Bank National Arts Festival

27 June - 7 July 2019

Thomas Pringle Hall,  National Building - Grahamstown


“Radical” Group Show 2019

Hyperflexion Contemporary Art Gallery - 8 March 2019

F is For - Feminism and the Female Form Group Show

10 July - 10 September 2019

Hyperflexion Contemporary Art Gallery, Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth)



Streets of South Africa - The People

Saatchi Gallery   The screen on 2nd floor  Duke of York's HQ, King's Road, London


- Choices

- Streets of South Africa - The People

LAE - Living Artist Emporium


- Land Grab

Berman Contemporary Gallery


- If you give to one you give to all – Video Installation




- African Dream

- African Dream Wildlife

Tokkara Living Kramerville, Pretoria


- Retropsective

Blue Baobab Gallery




The Cornwall Trip

Imbizo Gallery Ballito, MBW Gallery




-  Wildlife

Imbizo Gallery Hoedspruit




- The Madagascar Trip

MBW Gallery, Imbizo Gallery



- The Kruger Trip,

- Choices

 MBW Art Nicolway, The Art Company,  Purple Heart Gallery



- Baobabs

- The Cape Town Trip

- Durban Harbour GigaPixel

- Wildlife in tints of blue and sepia

- Johannesburg GigaPixel

- Baobab with Milky way

Represented by the following Galleries: The Art Company, Studio Bella Gallery, Henry Taylor Gallery,  Art Images Gallery, Baja Art Gallery Lonehill.



- ......




Joburg Dream - The Art Company, Studio Bella Gallery, MBW Art Gallery

- Streets of Jozi Part 1

- Wildlife in Sepia - Higher Ground St Stithians,

Represented by the following Galleries: The Art Company, Studio Bella Gallery, Henry Taylor Gallery,  Art Images Gallery, Baja Art Gallery Lonehill.




- Wildlife

- Hawkers

- jozi Pop

- Joburg Dream

- Sandton

Represented by the following Galleries: Studio Bella Gallery, Henry Taylor Gallery,  Art Images Gallery




- Washlines

- Cityscape

- Wildlife Series

(Represented by the following Galleries: Studio Bella Gallery, Henry Taylor Gallery,  Art Images Gallery, Baja Art gallery)



- Washlines

- Cityscapes

- Taxi sign Pop

Represented by the following Galleries: Studio Bella Gallery, Henry Taylor Gallery,  Art Images Gallery



- Signature Name change from Faulkner to Caddelle




- Abstract Cubism



- AfroPop - Henry Taylor Gallery



- Boys on the beach - The "bigtime" Gallery,  Rosebank


2002 -

- Photo2Art

- Ballerina Series


1998 - 2001

- Musicians - Cresta Fine Art


1995 - 2001

- Advertising - Art Director

- Commissions



- The spoils,  Painting on Canvas, 15m x 12m Steeldale Johannesburg



- Midlite Gallery  - The Stars  Johannesburg

- Midlite Gallery - Creating the world   Johannesburg


1992 - 1993

- 101 Burgers  - article in Tonight section of the Star Newspaper

- Bubble Dragons - Published in a magazine 2-21

- Murals Papa Gigi



- Rock Art Movement,  Farm Uitzight - Magaliesberg

- Shadows - Solo Show Hillbrow

- Excess & Abundance



- Ek het Aids, Video installation on the stigma's surrounding HIV Aids




- Bawart (IV)  Group show, Man Women   Oppidan Room, Rhodes University, Grahamstown

- Freedom -  Pretoria (All artworks destroyed by Apartheid Security police)

- Various commissions for the SANDF (South African National Defence Force)



- Theatre back drop paintings

ladies in desert - Eartha Kitt

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