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Can Ai "Art" be considered contemporary art?

AI art can certainly be considered a part of contemporary art, given its alignment with the core principles of contemporary art. But, whether a piece of work generated by word prompts by anyone, without the involvement of a traditional "artist," can it be considered contemporary art is a matter of debate and perspective within the art world?

The definition of contemporary art can be broad and inclusive, but there are certain criteria and considerations to weigh:

Intent and Concept: One key aspect in determining whether such a piece can be called contemporary art is the intent and concept behind it. If the work is generated with a deliberate artistic intention or to express ideas, emotions, or reflect on contemporary issues, it may align with the principles of contemporary art. Intent matters more than the identity of the creator.

Context: The context in which the work is presented and the discourse it generates can play a crucial role. If it is exhibited in galleries, museums, or other art spaces, and if it sparks discussions and interpretations within the art community, it is more likely to be considered contemporary art.

Reception and Recognition: The acknowledgment and recognition of the work by art critics, curators, and institutions can also influence its status as Contemporary art. If it receives attention in the art world and is reviewed or discussed in the context of Contemporary art, it is more likely to be categorized as such.

Evolution of Art: The definition of art and contemporary art is continually evolving. As new technologies and modes of artistic expression emerge, the boundaries of what can be considered art expand. AI-generated, collaborative, or crowd-sourced works challenge traditional notions of authorship, and this challenge is a part of the evolving art landscape.

Conceptual Art and Collaborations: Contemporary art has a history of embracing conceptual art and collaborative projects, where the traditional role of the solitary artist may be reconsidered. Some contemporary artists work with concepts and ideas more than traditional craftsmanship.

While there may be debates and variations in opinion, contemporary art often prioritizes the concept and message over the identity of the creator. As contemporary art continually pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, it remains open to a wide range of creative possibilities and interpretations. As AI continues to evolve and its impact on the art world deepens, it is likely to remain an integral part of the contemporary art landscape.

I believe, there is a difference at the end of the day. There are Ai Images and then there is Ai Contemporary Art.

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